Reverse the Blacklist: Ban Corporate Consultants from the Democratic Party

There should be no place in the Democratic Party for union-busters, lobbyists for GOP tax loopholes, PR firms who try to hide sexual assault for their clients, nor consultants for Big Oil, Big Pharma, charter schools, and right-wing foreign policy hawks. Yet, the DNC, DSCC, DCCC, and other Democrats employ firms engaged in corporate mercenary work, like union-busting, right-wing lobbying, and blocking progressive change.

In 2019, the DCCC blacklisted vendors, staffers, and organizations that supported primary challengers to corporate-backed Democratic incumbents. Now, it’s time for the Democratic Party to flip that around and end all business with all consultants doing corporate mercenary work — for the sake of the future of the Democratic party and our entire democratic system. Add your name if you agree: